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Our Services

We offer a weekly or daily grounds cleanup service to keep your property looking the best it can to impress your customers or residents. We keep regular logs of the litter we pick up so you know it's working. 

Parking Lots

Transition points such as parking lots are a magnet for litter. With Litter Pro your parking lot is clean and impressive which discourages litter behavior in the first place.

Residential Communities

Litter Pro offers a clean and pristine solution to litter on the grounds of residential communities. This improves property value, resident satisfaction and homeowner pride.

Retail & Commercial

Keep your retail store and commercial grounds clean and impressive to your customers. Clean retail and commercial grounds are the first thing a customer perceives of a healthy environment. Litter Pro is the hassle free way to show pride in the curb appeal at front door of your business. 

Special Events

Have a special event and want to keep the grounds clean? Litter Pro is the service for you. We offer affordable, professional services for special events. 

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