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How often does Litter Pro clean up our property?

This depends on the property. For most HOA communities we have found once a week is adequate. For storefronts, parking lots and restaurants we have found multiple times per week and in some cases nightly. Frequency is revisited at the renewal of each contract to fulfill the needs of each customer. 

Can we have you clean up for a special event?
Yes! We do special events by the hour and size of the event. Contact us with your event information and we will provide plan and price to keep your attendees impressed!


What time do you service properties?

We offer a range of service times. We can service your property every night after you close, so it’s clean when you get to work in the morning. We also offer regular hours service where it works best. We’re flexible and are staffed for any hour services. 


What if I need you to come out to clean up “off schedule”?

No problem! Call, email, text us and we’ll fit you in asap within 24 hours for a Touch Up. Touch up service charges are outlined at the time of contract signing.


Someone left a pile of trash in my parking lot – can you clean this up ASAP?

Yep! Just call, email, text us and we’ll fit you in for a Touch Up



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