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Our Story

After collecting litter for exercise and service in my community, I was curious if there was a contractor that could manage litter and trash for different businesses and properties. After my search, I came up empty. 

Next I was curious about the commercial value of operating a service like this. We all know the environmental impact of litter and as a whole no one likes looking at it, but what is the actual impact? What’s the economic cost of litter on businesses? On property values? On patron and resident health? 


I found numerous studies making the case for people to clean up litter. Next question is, who picks it up?


That answer was born in the founding of Litter Pro. 


After many trials, collecting litter for free in test runs and speaking to clients we have perfected the art of keeping businesses, communities and properties pristine year round.


Professional and reliable client service are the foundation of our company. We pride ourselves on making a sizable impact on our client's image and property values. 

Make Your Property Impactful


Quick and Free Quote


Total Satisfaction Contract 


Cleaning on Autopilot


Monthly Clean Report

Commitment to Quality Guarantee

We are committed to an absolute customer satisfaction experience. We regularly check in with our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with our Client Scorecard. 

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